August 8, 2010

New York, New York

I have to apologize for the very long post 
You see this was my very first trip to the 
Big Apple 
And I was oh so excited!
This is a very small group of pictures from our trip!

We started out our day by going on a Bus, Boat and Walking Tour of the city.
It was a 6 hour tour and we got to see lots of fun stuff.

Central Park

Dave, our trusty Tour Guide
Strawberry Fields

Down at the pier waiting to get on the boat.

It was really neat to be on the boat looking back at the City.

Getting closer Lady Liberty!

I can't remember why Brooke was upset....... but she cried most of the time we were on the boat.

This was by far my favorite part of the tour.
I have always wanted to see Lady Liberty!
We will have to make a special trip and go to see her.  
They even have tours where you get to go inside!
I want to do that! 
She is just awesome!
It gave me goosebumps to be so close!

Kimberly getting tired.

Brooke had our point and shoot camera and was taking her own pictures.

Wall Street

Brooke is quite the tourist!

I can't believe we didn't get our I heart NY
T-Shirts LOL

I thought the church looked pretty cool in between all of the big buildings!

Ground Zero
9 Years after 9/11 it is cool to see all that they have rebuilt.

Rockerfeller Center

NBC New Studios

If you ever watched Felicity you will know why I had to take a picture of Dean & Deluca

While I was at BlogHer 10
Russ took the girls to Central Park, Toy's R Us
and the M&M store.
They also got to see
The Lion King on Broadway.

Times Square

You gotta love it when sisters are being sweet to one another
(and not fighting)
So I had to include these pictures.

Being silly
Going in for a smooch!
Too Cute!
But Brooke thinks she can do better!

Give me some love right here in the middle of Times Square!

While Russ took the girls to Lion King
I met up with Natasha for a little Girls Night out!
(I have known Natasha all my life, she's like a little sis)
She took me out dancing 
it was lots of fun to get out and shake my groove thing!
On Sunday we took the girls to see
Wicked on Broadway

It was so Awesome!!!
Every bit as good as they said it was going to be!

On our last day we had the girls pictures drawn by the street vendor.

I think it turned out really nice.

We stayed at the Hilton Times Square
It was so nice and we had a very nice room and great service!
And no trip to NYC would be complete without 
a picture of the HOT Officers!
They were always out on the streets and there were some of them were very nice looking.
All in all it was a great trip to NYC and we can't wait to go back!


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J A C Q U E L I N E said...

Wow! nice pictures seems like tons of fun! I always love my adventures in New York so much to see.